Julianne Benzel is Running for Congress: Where Does She Stand on the Issues?

Julianne Benzel is running for the Republican Nomination against Congressman Tom McClintock in California’s 4th District. See her stances on some of the issues facing the United States.

Do you believe the Electoral College should be abolished?

No. I am an originalist to the US Constitution. The Framers inserted the Electoral College to ensure smaller states are safeguarded. However, I am a proponent of getting rid of the “Winner Takes All”= Keep Electoral College but apportion its votes. States have the power to change this: to do so, they must commit themselves to this majority-rule principle: No candidate receives all of a state’s electoral votes unless the candidate gets a majority of the state’s popular votes. OR: the state would apportion its electoral votes among the candidates. For example, in the instance of a 38-37-25 percent split among three candidates in a state’s popular vote, a state with 10 electoral votes might split them 4-4-2.

For example in my state of California: 55 votes= 2 senators and 53 congressional districts, apportioned out is 39 Democrats and 14 Republicans. Electoral votes could be dispersed accordingly. This would make a state like CA “in play” for ALL candidates since there were ample opportunities to pick up electoral votes for both parties.

What is your position on the implementation of Common Core Standards?

As an originalist to the US Constitution, I do not see any stipulations where the federal government should be in control of Education? Local control is best in this arena. School districts should have the greatest degree of autonomy. Common Core suggests a “one size fits all” mentality that is far too pervasive in education today. Most children do not fit a “mold” and therefore should not be mandated by the federal government on how to monitor “success.” An array of educational options should be available for ALL students and parents.

Do you support the Green New Deal?

The most erroneous piece of legislation I have ever read as an American historian. It has almost nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the complete takeover of every aspect of the US economy. One word: Socialism.

Do you support the impeachment of President Trump?

Absolutely not. Read your US Constitution. This is perhaps as myopic as the Green New Deal. One side of the aisle, in this case the far Left, lost an election and they became unhinged at every turn. They have forsaken all sanity and have become so blinded with their obsession to undermine the election of the only Populist candidate in American history, simply because they have run out of ideas and formidable candidates. It’s a completely pathetic theatrical attempt that will backfire on them. Read the polls: 70% of Americans have no taste for impeachment. The American populous is incredibly intelligent. They see right through the vitriol.

Do you support reparations? If so, how would you go about implementing them?

Seriously? Is that a question? Forgive and move on. No one living today is responsible for the “sins of their fathers.” The United States can certainly issue an “official apology” to the descendants of slaves, similar to what President GHW Bush did for the Japanese-Americans who were interned during WWII, but then we should also do the same for Native Americans.

Do you support raising the retirement age for Social Security? If so, what should it be raised to?

Finally, a sane question. Americans are living healthier and longer and continue to add an incredible amount of experience and knowledge to the workforce, as they are able to stay employed much later in life. The current fluctuation between early retirement at 62 and full benefits at 66 is a great range. If modified at all, perhaps 68?

How should the United States combat gun violence?

Learn and study all facts first. There is an enormous amount of gun laws already in place. First thing? Shore up the voluminous amount of loopholes that exist. Tighten up our current laws. Almost all of the mass shootings could and should have been prevented if the proper laws were enforced. Start there. I do support Universal Background Checks.

Do you support immigration reform?

Absolutely. Here is my website position:

We welcome immigrants and want them to THRIVE in the United States. We must reevaluate legislation to ensure the process and procedures of becoming a citizen are reasonable, while still holding those who come here illegally accountable; if you’re breaking the law, there are always consequences…why is immigration being treated differently?

I support the following proposals:

1) End illegal immigration once and for all with Resolute Border Enforcement.

2) Modify the RAISE bill in Congress and implement an extensive E-Verify system.

3) “Lift Up” global endeavors, particularly focused on Latin American countries.

4) Create SEZ (Special Economic Zones) with the help of the international business community to foster entrepreneurial growth and economic sufficiency.

5) Grant amnesty to all current illegal immigrants; this will be the LAST wave we absorb.

Why should voters in your district vote for you?

I am a sincere Populist: I’m an American history teacher, mother of 5, ordinary common everyday person. The entire point of the US House of Reps is to “represent.” My entire life has been spent on the football and softball fields, at Costco and WalMart, serving in my church and in our community. When the preamble states, “We the People…” I believe in it. There are far too many elite, tenured, establishment “out of touch” congressional reps and it’s time for a louder, fresher, more passionate voice for CA-04. CA-04 is vast, diverse, and should be playing a MUCh larger role on the national stage. My district spans from Lake Tahoe past Yosemite Valley. It’s a beautiful blend of rural and suburban America. Almost every political issue plays out here in CA-04: Environmental, Fire and Forestry, stable Economic Growth, Healthcare, Education, Immigration, the list goes on. I understand the needs of my constituents better than the rest because I am one of them. I have a firm pulse on what concerns them most because I engage with them every single day. I will fight harder and be far more effective than any of the other contenders. What they know, I can always learn. What I know, they will never understand.


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