Danny Niederberger is Running for Congress: See Where he Stands

Danny Niederberger is running for the Republican nomination in Indiana’s 5th District. Read where he stands on the issues.

Do you believe the Electoral College should be abolished?

Absolutely not. The Electoral College is essential in the foundation of the United States. The United States is a republic, not a democracy. The difference in a republic is the citizens elect representatives who in turn vote on legislation. In a pure democracy, 51% of the population can overrule the other 49%. The Electoral College ensures that every part of the United States, including the flyover states, has a voice.

What is your position on the implementation of Common Core Standards?

State and local governments should decide the standards of their education. Every state, every city, every town in the United States is different. The people who know what is best for each school are the people closest to the citizens (State and local officials).

Do you support the Green New Deal?

No, I do not support the Green New Deal. The “97% of scientists agree” statistic has been thoroughly debunked. Of the 4,000 papers reviewed in the statistic, only 1.6% explicitly endorsed the view that man has caused the climate to change. The models that were used to predict and project the future climate are proven to be flawed. The models can not backtest accurately and make two wrong assumptions: 1) that carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas 2) that the sun plays no involvement in warming or cooling. The models predict the same amount of “warming” whether or not we participate in the Climate Accords. The United States is over $22 Trillion in debt. The Green New Deal is projected to cost $90 Trillion. If we can not control our current spending, how can we control this?

Do you support the impeachment of President Trump?

No, I do not support the impeachment of President Trump. The House Intelligence Committee conducted an investigation, the Senate Intelligence Committee conducted an investigation, and Robert Mueller conducted an investigation. No evidence has been provided that would incriminate President Trump of high crimes and misdemeanor.

Do you support reparations? If so, how would you go about implementing them?

No, I do not support reparations. Show me the person who has directly, not indirectly, been oppressed by slavery, and the person who directly, not indirectly, oppressed them.

Do you support raising the retirement age for Social Security? If so, what should it be raised to?

I support reforming Social Security for younger generations which would include raising the retirement age. Those receiving, about to receive, or will soon receive Social Security have already paid into it. We made them a promise, and we will live up to that promise. However, I support gradually raising the retirement age to 70 for younger generations.

How should the United States combat gun violence?

The way this question is phrased is why no progress has been made in this area. This question implies that guns are the problem. 61% of all gun-related deaths in the United States are due to suicides. There are 393 million guns in the United States (46% of guns in the world). The United States ranks lower than 30th in suicide rate per capita. If guns were the problem and the United States has the most guns and 61% of all gun-related deaths are due to suicides, the United States’ suicide rate per capita would be much higher.

If we want to make progress in this area, we have to start asking the right questions. Why have U.S. Citizens lost their value of human life? What makes someone want to take the life of another? What has happened in a person’s life that they want to kill their classmates or peers?

Do you support immigration reform?

Yes, I do. There are two issues: legal immigration and illegal immigration. I welcome any immigrant who enters the country legally by passing the English and Civics tests, acquiring a valid Tax ID, and passing a criminal background check. Anybody who chooses to cross the border illegally should be deported. There is a process to come into the United States.

Why should voters in your district vote for you?

I am running for Congress with a specific platform: protecting the rights of the unborn, reducing government debt, protecting the 2nd amendment, instituting term limits, and reforming education. I see a U.S. Congress that, in both parties, has failed the American people. I am running to bring trust, responsibility, accountability, and leadership to congress.





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